This wizard will guide you to setup all the basic settings inside Hotel Feedback so that your account is ready to use. There are 4 steps that you need to do and complete the wizard.

  1. Hotel logo: Click on the hotel icon on the right to go to your hotel detail page. In that page you need to upload a logo of your hotel. This logo will appear on the guest’s page. The recommended dimensions are 120×60.
  2. Hotel logo for social media: Click on the hotel icon on the right to go again to your hotel detail page. Upload your hotel’s logo again but with a different resolution. This logo will appear as an icon for when a user shares his review to social media. In that cases a square logo is required so upload a logo with 200×200 dimensions
  3. Setup your guest’s page: Your guest’s page needs also some basic configuration. You can either set a redirect link to replace the guest page or create some banners to promote your hotel’s services.
  4. Add a TripAdvisor URL: You can add the URL of your hotel from TripAdvisor so that the users are prompted to also post a review to TripAdvisor. Click on the cogs icon on the right to go to your hotel settings page. This setting is optional and you can click Skip.

The wizard has a progress bar indicating how many steps of the wizard are completed. You can hide the wizard permanently by clicking the X icon on the top right corner.

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