Review form setup

The review form shares many settings with the custom forms. Click here to read how the settings that are common work. Note that in the review form you cannot add custom fields. The main form has some additional features that … Read More

Follow-up reviews

Follow-up reviews is a feature of Hotel Feedback that targets only the Long-visit guests of your hotel. Long-visit guests are the guests that stay more days than your regular guests. Click here to see how to enable and configure Long-visit … Read More


In the Reviews page you can see all your reviews. You can click on the Hotel link in the table row to filter the reviews for the selected hotel. Click to a review to see all its details, with your … Read More

Review limits

Reviews are categorized based on their average score as great, good or low. Great reviews are the ones that participate in your hotel’s widgets, allowing you to showcase your hotel with the finest reviews. Good reviews are the ones that … Read More