After-departure emails

You can receive more feedback from your guests and learn whether they will visit you again or recommend your hotel to a friend of theirs. TO enable this feature go to Hotel Settings, scroll down to After-departure emails section and … Read More

Follow-up reviews

Follow-up reviews is a feature of Hotel Feedback that targets only the Long-visit guests of your hotel. Long-visit guests are the guests that stay more days than your regular guests. Click here to see how to enable and configure Long-visit … Read More


This wizard will guide you to setup all the basic settings inside Hotel Feedback so that your account is ready to use. There are 4 steps that you need to do and complete the wizard. Hotel logo: Click on the … Read More

Hotel dashboard

The hotel’s dashboard is a page providing various information and statistics about your hotel. You have the ability to load statistics for any time period you want. By default you view statistics for the last 12 months of activity. The … Read More

How the router works

In order to be able and put Hotel Feedback in your Wi-Fi you need to setup a router in your hotel’s network. The router is placed between your Wi-Fi access points and your hotel’s modem. Our router is configured to … Read More

How Hotel Feedback interacts with my guests

When your guests connects with your hotel’s Wi-Fi he is being redirected to a welcome page. The welcome page asks for a few basic information. The user can skip this form or submit his information. Now the application knows the … Read More

Getting started

After having your demo request approved you receive an email notification that prompts you to activate your account. Click on the link provided and set a password and then go to the home page to login. Use your email as … Read More