Guestsonly is an area where hotel guests can talk, interact, share information and get to know with each other. With Guestsonly one can find tips from other guests about places they have been, share a rented car or simply engage … Read More

Hotel banners

The guest page has a page where you can put one or more banners. You can create as many banners as you want. For each banner you create you can set the title, description, image and a URL. Any field … Read More

Add a Facebook widget to my guest page

You can show a Facebook like widget in your hotel’s page, so that your guest can like your Facebook page. Go the Hotel Settings page and paste your Facebook page’s URL to the textbox. The widget appears in two places … Read More

How Hotel Feedback interacts with my guests

When your guests connects with your hotel’s Wi-Fi he is being redirected to a welcome page. The welcome page asks for a few basic information. The user can skip this form or submit his information. Now the application knows the … Read More