After-departure emails

You can receive more feedback from your guests and learn whether they will visit you again or recommend your hotel to a friend of theirs. TO enable this feature go to Hotel Settings, scroll down to After-departure emails section and … Read More

Outlet Guests

You can enable the Outlet Guests feature by clicking the Enable check-box in the Outlet guests panel in the Settings page. When checking the check-box additional options appear. You can set the phrase for the check-box, for any languages the … Read More


In the Settings > Widget page you can make widgets for your hotel. Choose from the settings provided and grab the code for any of the available widgets. When changing a settings the widgets are refreshed and you can see … Read More


In the Reviews > Guests page you can see all your guests. You will for each guest how many times he visited, how many reviews he posted and the number of hotels. Click on the Export button to get all … Read More

Form entries

In the Reviews > Form Entries page you can see all your form entries. You can click on the Hotel link in the table row to filter the reviews for the selected hotel. Also you can click on the Form … Read More

Custom forms

For every hotel you can create custom forms. In the Form details page, the title field is used internally while the Description field appears to your guests. You can set the language of the form. While this is optional, if … Read More

Hotel banners

The guest page has a page where you can put one or more banners. You can create as many banners as you want. For each banner you create you can set the title, description, image and a URL. Any field … Read More

Hotel settings

In this page you can apply some settings to finetune Hotel Feedback. General Settings Emails to receive notifications: By default all account users will be notified for any low reviews submitted; here you can add additional emails to receive them. … Read More

Hotel details

In this section you can set a few basic settings, the hotel name, logo and a second logo for social media. Hotel name: Your hotel’s name. Hotel description: A small description for your hotel. Time zone: The timezone of the … Read More