About us

An IT development company specializing in the hospitality sector


HotelFeedback believes in the philosophy of superior service to attain continual advancement in accomplishments with every engagement. Whatever level of performance we have achieved today, we know we can, and will, surpass it tomorrow.


Company Profile:

HF HotelFeedback Ltd has been founded in 2016. It is a Cypriot company, also holding an agency in Greece. We are gradually developing into a global company with deployments in 8 countries, and partners ranging from small local IT companies through to big brand resellers. We are official partners of TripAdvisor, Google, HolidayCheck, TopHotels.ru and Booking.com. HotelFeedback operates in 10 languages. Is technologically the most innovative software designed to allow hotel guests to communicate with hotel management during their stay. Using the existing hotel’s Wi-Fi infrastructure converts to a powerful in-house Marketing & Feedback tool.


What we do:

Our cloud-based web app uses the hotel’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and converts it to a powerful in-house Marketing & Feedback tool.


Why we do it:

We give the chance to hotels to receive reviews within the hotel and proactively solve problems while the guests are still in the hotel.


Value proposition:

Our solution is, by far, the most efficient and effective in the market. Because no additional actions required from hotel guests to reach our 3 pages: social login, promo banners, questionnaires, generates the biggest number of reviews than any other means, adding value to the hotel’s services.


Key benefits to our customers:

With our system the hotel can assure that no guest will depart dissatisfied. The online reputation is protected in advance.



HotelFeedback is an in-house Marketing & Feedback tool that operates via Wi-Fi. When the guest logins to the hotel’s Wi-Fi, a “landing page” appears on his screen. The guest subscribes to the system, and the system “follows” him throughout his stay. Once per day, the registered guests receive on their screen (when connected to the Wi-Fi) either interactive questionnaires to provide feedback regarding the hotel’s services, or promotional offers (i.e. discount for the spa, coupon for the restaurant, etc.).

This type of communication generates high guest’s responsiveness and engagement.

The whole communication is strengthened by follow-up activities, such as email campaigns during guests stay, email campaigns for direct bookings after guest’s check-out, connection with our official partners Google, TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck & TopHotels for the increase of the hotel’s published reviews.