Outlet Guests

You can enable the Outlet Guests feature by clicking the Enable check-box in the Outlet guests panel in the Settings page. When checking the check-box additional options appear. You can set the phrase for the check-box, for any languages the … Read More


In the Settings > Billing page you can manage your subscription and view your payment history. In the top left area you view a summary of you subscription, your subscription plan, its state and its expiration date. In the top … Read More


In the Settings > Widget page you can make widgets for your hotel. Choose from the settings provided and grab the code for any of the available widgets. When changing a settings the widgets are refreshed and you can see … Read More


In the Settings > Users page you can manage your users. You can add as many users as you want. When adding a new user, an invitation email is sent to notify the user for his new account. He will … Read More


In the Settings page you can set the language for the panel of Hotel Feedback. Currently only English is available.

Review limits

Reviews are categorized based on their average score as great, good or low. Great reviews are the ones that participate in your hotel’s widgets, allowing you to showcase your hotel with the finest reviews. Good reviews are the ones that … Read More


This wizard will guide you to setup all the basic settings inside Hotel Feedback so that your account is ready to use. There are 4 steps that you need to do and complete the wizard. Hotel logo: Click on the … Read More

Hotel settings

In this page you can apply some settings to finetune Hotel Feedback. General Settings Emails to receive notifications: By default all account users will be notified for any low reviews submitted; here you can add additional emails to receive them. … Read More