The guest page has a page where you can put one or more banners. You can create as many banners as you want.

For each banner you create you can set the title, description, image and a URL. Any field is optional; we advise using all fields for a better looking result. If you provide a URL, a Read More link will appear. If a user uploads a big file, the image will be scaled down to a width of 360px.

You can set the language of the form. While this is optional, if you define a language and you have multiple languages enabled (see Hotel Settings for that) you will need to create the same form in all selected languages.

You can set the appearance order of each banner and you can set a duration period for the banner to appear. For example if you create a banner and set a Start date 10/05/2015 it will appear on that day and later. The End date works in a similar manner. Of course, you can combine both dates. The Active checkbox also sets of the banner will appear or not.

You can also send an email to your current guests with the contents of this banner. Click the Send Email button to preview the email and send it to your guests.

Tip: Go to the Settings page and see how to put a Facebook widget in the guest page.

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