The hotel’s dashboard is a page providing various information and statistics about your hotel. You have the ability to load statistics for any time period you want. By default you view statistics for the last 12 months of activity.

The statistics provided are:

  • Review quality summary: The first thing one can see is a summary of how many reviews the hotel have, grouped by their average score.
  • Average review score: This graph shows a per month average of your review scores. If you hover the cursor on any bar you will see an analysis on its month. Additionally you can view this graph for a specific quality.
  • Hotel average score: Here you can see the average score for your hotel on each quality
  • Room statistics: Here is a per room report where you can see which rooms have the highest and lowest score. Also, below that you can type in a room and load the Average review score report only for the selected room
  • Review quality: Here is a graph that shows the distribution of the reviews based on their categorization. Hovering with the cursor you will see the actual number of reviews for each category
  • Guest engagement: This graph shows how many of the guests (that submitted their information) proceeded to writing a review.
  • Follow-up review engagement: This graph shows how many of the long-visit guests (that submitted a review) proceeded to writing a follow-up review.
  • Score improvement of follow-up reviews: This graph compares the score of the submitted follow-up reviews with the first review and shows whether the score has improved, stayed the same or lowered.
  • After-departure email responses: This graph shows and compares the response your guest gave in the after-departure emails they received. This graph appears if the feature is enabled.

On the right column of the dashboard you have a few lists with the latest reviews, guests and a general activity stream.

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