Guestsonly is an area where hotel guests can talk, interact, share information and get to know with each other.

With Guestsonly one can find tips from other guests about places they have been, share a rented car or simply engage to a light conversation. All guests can post anything and mark their post whether it is a tip, an offer or a general socializing post.

Post examples

  • Socializing: Any guest visiting the conference is welcome to join me at the hotel’s bar tonight.
  • Tip: The hotel’s asian restaurant is simply exquisit! You have to try it!
  • Offer: I rented a car and tomorrow will go sight-seeing. You are welcome to join me!

Guests can read all posts or filter to a specific category and find easily something that interests them. Guests can also comment to posts from guests that are currently staying at the hotel. Comments are disabled in posts of past guests.

Guests can also see the other guests that are also using the Guestsonly service. If a guest logins with either Facebook or Google+ he will see if any of his friends have visited this hotel in the past.

Upon entering, each guest will receive a welcome email to this area. The email provides the link for the guest to easily access this area. All people in a conversation will be notified whenever there is a new comment.

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