In the Reviews page you can see all your reviews. You can click on the Hotel link in the table row to filter the reviews for the selected hotel. Click to a review to see all its details, with your … Read More

Custom forms

For every hotel you can create custom forms. In the Form details page, the title field is used internally while the Description field appears to your guests. You can set the language of the form. While this is optional, if … Read More

Review limits

Reviews are categorized based on their average score as great, good or low. Great reviews are the ones that participate in your hotel’s widgets, allowing you to showcase your hotel with the finest reviews. Good reviews are the ones that … Read More


This wizard will guide you to setup all the basic settings inside Hotel Feedback so that your account is ready to use. There are 4 steps that you need to do and complete the wizard. Hotel logo: Click on the … Read More

Hotel banners

The guest page has a page where you can put one or more banners. You can create as many banners as you want. For each banner you create you can set the title, description, image and a URL. Any field … Read More

Hotel settings

In this page you can apply some settings to finetune Hotel Feedback. General Settings Emails to receive notifications: By default all account users will be notified for any low reviews submitted; here you can add additional emails to receive them. … Read More

Hotel details

In this section you can set a few basic settings, the hotel name, logo and a second logo for social media. Hotel name: Your hotel’s name. Hotel description: A small description for your hotel. Time zone: The timezone of the … Read More

Hotel dashboard

The hotel’s dashboard is a page providing various information and statistics about your hotel. You have the ability to load statistics for any time period you want. By default you view statistics for the last 12 months of activity. The … Read More

Add a Facebook widget to my guest page

You can show a Facebook like widget in your hotel’s page, so that your guest can like your Facebook page. Go the Hotel Settings page and paste your Facebook page’s URL to the textbox. The widget appears in two places … Read More

How the router works

In order to be able and put Hotel Feedback in your Wi-Fi you need to setup a router in your hotel’s network. The router is placed between your Wi-Fi access points and your hotel’s modem. Our router is configured to … Read More