Hotel Feedback benefits to Hotel

Create email lists of your guests & visitors (passant, congress, restaurant, bar) using a GDPR compliant solution. — Promote hotel services, events and facilities automatically in mobile devices of your guests & visitors via Wi-Fi. — Send real-time email notifications of hotel services, events and … Read More

HotelFeedback creates another sales point via Wi-Fi or QR-code

In-house marketing solutions HotelFeedback allows hotel management to communicate with guests, creating another sales point via Wi-Fi or QR-code.  Using the HotelFeedback in-house Marketing solution, you can: Promote special offers, new facilities and your events (restaurants, spa, activities, etc). Share your social … Read More

Wi-Fi Μάρκετινγκ για ξενοδοχεία και ηλεκτρονικά ερωτηματολόγια

Το αναβαθμισμένο HotelFeedback το οποίο αποτελεί το πιο αποδοτικό μέσω προσέγγισης των πελατών του ξενοδοχείου μέσα από το Wi-Fi για εσωτερικό feedback και marketing. Προλάβετε τον τυχόν δυσαρεστημένο πελάτη και προωθείστε μέσω Wi-Fi marketing αποτελεσματικά τις υπηρεσίες του ξενοδοχείου (εστιατόριο, spa, δραστηριότητες, μετακίνηση, εκδηλώσεις κλπ). Στη HotelFeedback μέσα από συνέργειες και συνεργασίες … Read More

The biggest advantages of HotelFeedback

• Create email lists of your guests using a GDPR compliant solution • Rectifying any issues that may arise before your guests check out • Increase revenue by real-time promo notifications for hotel services in-house • Increase direct bookings by … Read More

QR Code feedback form

A QR Code feedback form is a new feature of HotelFeedback for collecting feedback from guests with a customizable form. A lot of hotels print the qr-code and using it in restaurant tables together with menu, or in the reception desk or even in TV’s inside … Read More

Covid-19 questionnaire help hotels to manage health and safety policies

Responsible hotels are doing everything to protect the health and safety of their guests. HotelFeedback Covid-19 questionnaire help hotels to manage these health and safety policies. It is an evidence that the protocols and measures are actually taking place by … Read More

Online check-in for your guests via Wi-Fi

This is an easy and safe way for online check-in when your guests connect to hotel’s Wi-Fi. Provide safety and social distancing due to Covid-19 by using HotelFeedback new feature.  

Real-time communication with your guests via Wi-Fi – Preventive measures for COVID-19

Using HotelFeedback’s promotional banners feature you can inform your guests via Wi-Fi in real-time about Covid-19 and the measures that hotel received.    

Boost your safety awareness with real-time feedback

Improve hotel’s safety enviroment by creating an exclusive questionnaire for clean and safety measures against Covid-19. Request feedback from your guests based on hotel’s cleaning and safety measures. Respond to your guidance on hygiene and cleaning protocols and protect hotel’s … Read More

Health regulations for hotels covid-19

Download the Operational considerations for COVID-19 management in the accommodation sector from World Health Organisation. Hotel owners, managers and operators should monitor and address concerns impacting the hospitality industry as a result of coronavirus.