In-house marketing solutions

HotelFeedback allows hotel management to communicate with guests, creating another sales point via Wi-Fi or QR-code. 

Using the HotelFeedback in-house Marketing solution, you can:

  • Promote special offers, new facilities and your events (restaurants, spa, activities, etc).
  • Share your social media pages.
  • Encourage the viewing of your restaurant’s e-menu, the reservation of tables and Wi-Fi check-in.
  • Advertise your affiliates and suppliers (outdoor activities, transfer services, etc).
  • Buy online (tickets, services, products).
  • Automatically trigger your chatbots in Facebook™ Messenger and WhatsApp.
  • Promote your mobile app or evaluation questionnaires.

Here are two examples or Wi-Fi links & QR-codes:

*Between one and 3 guests looks at their hotel’s promotional offers via Wi-Fi.


  • Increases revenue & returning guests.
  • Builds loyalty.
  • Enhances your social media presence.

Please request a demo and we will contact you with more information.

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