Based on same values HotelFeedback and HotelToolBox decided to collaborate and provide a mobile web app or/and native app for your hotel to engage your guests from pre-arrival to post-stay.
Looking for new opportunities that benefit hotel guests the mobile web app or/and native app offers: fast check-in, events & activities, mobile concierge, explore hotel facilities and destination. Offering a unique guest engagement opportunities. 
Create a seamless experience to drive revenue, give guests a tool to: order online from restaurants/bars or room service, reserve table, book spa, book activity or tour.
The mobile web app or/and native app allows you to stay connected with your guests throughout the entire travel journey by sending push notifications that you can easily create via HotelToolBox back office.
• Improve communication with your guests
• Improve guests experience
• Increase your hotel revenue
As HotelFeedback we provide another way to send hotels’ customer satisfaction survey, via the use of a mobile web app or/and native app in collaboration with HotelToolBox. This option is full of advantages for your hotel, among which the following stand out:
• More guests will respond, due to the convenience and ease.
• It will be much easier for you to store the responses from different sources (Wi-Fi, email, tablet, mobile app) and then use that data to improve and personalise services.
• And you’ll be able to use the app for much more: faster check-in, online orders, sending real-time notification and much more.

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