HotelFeedback achievements in hotel’s management

Reviews Achievements within one year 2,542 real-time guests reviews Online Guest Reviews are anymore one of the major hotel managerial tools. The hotel was looking for a way to capture guests opinions and reviews upfront. The real-time reviews that provided … Read More

HotelFeedback Training Workshop in Bali – Indonesia

On December 5th 2017 a training workshop was organised by Mr Yannis Xylas, HotelFeedback Director of International Sales, in H Sovereign Hotel in Bali Indonesia. The workshop focused on new characteristics of HotelFeedback and the way that hoteliers can use … Read More

Hotel’s Director Interview for HotelFeedback

Συνέντευξη του κου Απόστολου Παλακίδη Vice President – Director Sales & Marketing Ramada Plaza Thraki   1. Έχετε προλάβει δυσαρεστημένους πελάτες μέσω του HotelFeedback; – Μπορείτε να μας δώσετε την εμπειρία σας μέσω παραδείγματος/παραδειγμάτων;   Απάντηση: Προλαβαίνουμε όλους τους δυσαρεστημένους … Read More

Can hotel reviews turn into profit?

Consumer reviews have gain great attention from the hospitality industry, since they considerably affect consumer behavior and decisions. Not surprisingly, consumer reviews also affect the hotels profitability and booking transaction value. The consumer reviews raise hotels visibility through the numerous … Read More

A Mikrotik consumer marketing & feedback system

GuestFeedback is a Marketing and Feedback WiFi tool for your customers using Mikrotik routers. It is working via WI-Fi as a Mikrotik HotSpot. This method is the most efficient and effective approach to communicate with your guests. Using GuestFeedback you … Read More

Create a Mikrotik Hotspot using HotelFeedback

Become an Affiliate and earn $150 per installation in each venue hotels/restaurants/cafes Request a demo here for your customer    HotelFeedback is a Mikrotik WiFi tool (run via HotSpot) that allows hotels/restaurants/cafes to: 1. Promote offers and events via Wi-Fi and 2. … Read More

HotelFeedback now available in Suite Market Place

HotelFeedback continuing its strategic partnerships with global e-travel leaders, is now available in Suite Marketplace! It is available to 181,000 properties in 14 countries (United States, United Kingdom Ireland, Canafa, Australia, New Zealand, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Greece, … Read More

The new strategic HotelFeedback partnership with Google

More than 100 million users search every day for hotels in Google. HotelFeedback, with its new partnership, becomes the mean of increasing hotels’ Google reviews. HotelFeedback’s unique method of collecting hotel reviews with interactive questionnaires, during guests’ stay via the … Read More

Unleash the potential of guest reviews and increase your booking

Eighty-one per cent of travellers take guest hotel reviews very seriously. Though the potential of guest reviews of hotels is largely is underestimated by hoteliers, it can be a key factor for the increase of your hotel revenues. Eighty-eight per … Read More


To ensure that you are “connected” with your guests entering into the latest advanced technology with concern to your hotel’s needs we introduce you the HotelFeedback. Looking 5 years ahead and considering the large numbers of hotels guests that involved … Read More