The company changes what we knew, so far, about the way guests review hotels. According to the company’s data, HotelFeedback provides up to 700 percent more reviews to hotels than any other existing method. Read more

Once a hotel guest connects to use the hotel’s Wi-Fi, HotelFeedback appears as a Hotspot on the device. The guest submits his personal info and automatically the hotel has the opportunity to:

– create and send questionnaires in order to get guests feedback about the quality of its services, during their stay.
– create and send promo banners to its guests, any time they access the Wi-Fi.
– provide access to the hotel’s private social network. Guests can find useful tips and communicate with other people.
– analyze the reviews, as well as useful statistics concerning its services.

hotelfeedback_2The questions are automatically displayed when the guest uses the Wi-Fi, at a scheduled time decided by the hotelier. The reviews are delivered to the hotelier in real time and also informs which guest made the review even his or her room number.

HotelFeedback aims to significantly contribute to the positive online reputation of hotels and ensure that all clients will depart from the hotel fully satisfied.

A negative review? The hotelier is the first to know!

In addition, only positive reviews can be published to social media/review sites by the guests. If a negative review is detected, the manager is immediately informed by an alert email in order to solve all problems within the hotel and before the guest’s departure.

The hotel receives and analyzes a huge amount of the guests data during their stay. All information data belongs to the hotel.

“By using HotelFeedback, a hotel improves its services immediately and promotes them any time via Wi-Fi and knows everything concerning the guests’ experience”, the company says.

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