The revolutionary method for receiving reviews through Wi-Fi, introduced by the HotelFeedback, has dramatically changed what we knew, so far, about guest reviews for hotels.

The number of the submitted reviews is now very large, with the reviews to be received in real time, and the hotelier to be informed which particular guest made the review, even his room or suite number.Â
HotelFeedback, compared to travel review web sites, reports up to 30 times more reviews, and most importantly while the guest is still staying at the hotel, and not after his departure. HotelFeedback also reports, in comparison to other review methods which take place inside the hotel, such as mobile applications, tablets or questionnaires send to email, up to 10 times more reviews.

The questions are automatically displayed when the guest uses the Wi-Fi, and at time that the hotelier decides. Hotelier also create and send promo banners any time to its guests, when they have access to WI-FI.

Hotel receive and analyse a huge amount of guests’ data during their stay and all information data belong to the hotel. Using HotelFeedback a hotel can:
– Improve its services immediately
– Promote its services any time via WiFi
– Get to know everything concerning the guests’ experience

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