More than 100 million users search every day for hotels in Google. HotelFeedback, with its new partnership, becomes the mean of increasing hotels’ Google reviews.

HotelFeedback’s unique method of collecting hotel reviews with interactive questionnaires, during guests’ stay via the WiFi, is the most effective and efficient way.

The dozens of guests hotel reviews collected, daily, in HotelFeedback, based on the above method, can now be posted directly to Google, at the hotel’s Google profile.

Hotels benefit from this cooperation in terms of:
– Increased bookings, by improving their reputation and raising the number of reviews
– Increased visibility and visits, since Google reviews is the most popular way to search information via mobile phones
– Affecting travelers’ behavior, by increasing hotel’s credibility over competition
– Major SEO benefits, by improving their search ranking in Google results.

HotelFeedback continues its dynamic growth with hotel-clients all over the world, with strong representatives in key countries and strategic partnerships such as Google, TripAdvisor, HolidayCheck,, aiming to strenghten its position the next years in the global hotel market.

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