On December 5th 2017 a training workshop was organised by Mr Yannis Xylas, HotelFeedback Director of International Sales, in H Sovereign Hotel in Bali Indonesia. The workshop focused on new characteristics of HotelFeedback and the way that hoteliers can use all the data from statistics and reports in order to improve hotels online reputation. In the workshop participated 28 General Managers from Hotels in Bali.


General Managers shared HotelFeedback’s experience and said:

  • We are improving communication and deep understanding of our customers
  • We’ve been pleased with the outcome of the detailed analytical information around guest behaviour
  • We are improving the guest experience in real-time 
  • Better understand guests and meet their needs
  • HotelFeedback’s marketing tools allow us to reward our guests with promotions and exclusive offers
  • It’s easy for guests to log in and benefit from HotelFeedback’s WiFi tool
  • HotelFeedback’s detailed data allow us to provide the services and amenities that guests genuinely value

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