HotelFeedback’s review gathering services have been globally recognised as the most efficient and effective method, compared to all the companies in the field. The number of the reviews gathered in the HotelFeedback, for a specific hotel, is expected to exceed within 2 years, the total number of this hotel’s published reviews gathered during the last 10 years.

Hotels that use HotelFeedback’s services, for more than a year:

  • Receive 10 times more reviews. Hotels with 100 published reviews within a year, in the HotelFeedback they have 1000!
  • Improve their online reputation by lessening their negative online reviews
  • Make decisions based on the HotelFeedback’s statistical analysis

HotelFeedback ensures that all guest’s complaints or problems are captured and resolved within the hotel and before his departure. The review gathering service, during the guests’ stay and via the Wi-Fi, is further enhanced with the automatic research feature of the TripAdvisor. Now, HotelFeedback can also significantly increase the number of the hotel’s reviews on TripAdvisor.

The collaboration with TripAdvisor is expected, over time, to totally change the scenery in the customer’s reviews field. HotelFeedback continues its expansion with installations in hotels all around the world.

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