Reviews Achievements

within one year 2,542 real-time guests reviews

Online Guest Reviews are anymore one of the major hotel managerial tools. The hotel was looking for a way to capture guests opinions and reviews upfront. The real-time reviews that provided with the HotelFeedback was the solution that the hotel was looking for. Only within its first year in HotelFeedback the Park Hotel collected 2,542 real-time guests reviews. Moreover, the hotel achieved to anticipate all guests needs and wants, given the real-time character of the collected reviews (customers were still in the hotel).


Online Reviews Achievements

+23% positive reviews on TripAdvisor / +220% reviews on Google

Attracting more reviews gradually becomes the ultimate goal for hotels. Online reviews raise hotels visibility and consumer’s awareness about the hotel. More reviews, lead to a greater popularity for the hotel, affecting the number of booking transactions and profitability. The Park Hotel TripAdvisor profile connectivity with its HotelFeedback account gave the amazing 23% increase of its positive reviews and a reduction of 52% for its negative reviews on TripAdvisor.

Moreover, the hotel faced the need to encourage its customers in writing reviews about the hotel while on property. The Google connectivity with HotelFeedback provides this opportunity and has increased hotel’s reviews in Google by 220%.


Marketing Achievements

within one year 6,245 valid email customer accounts 

When guests subscribe to the system via the Wi-Fi, a database is created with their email account or/and their social media information. Only within a year the hotel collected 6,245 valid email customer accounts. The hotel exploits this huge database for its newsletter needs. In addition, the hotel plans to increase its direct bookings and create repeat customers by using the email accounts gathered.

When the guests login to the Wi-Fi they see the banner page of the Park Hotel. The banner page is an in-house marketing tool for the hotel. All the news, offers, and services of the hotel are provided in real-time to the Wi-Fi users, directly on their screens. Another option is the hotel to send banners via email to its guests. With the banners use the hotel increased its services sales within the hotel (restaurant, bar, spa, etc) up to 30%.


Managerial Implications

The robust review statistics of the HotelFeedback are used by the hotel in their weekly meetings with the hotel’s departments. The management exports the reviews databases and statistical results and decisions are made according to the hotel’s guests needs and wants. With HotelFeedback the hotel is able to “plan and do” according to its customers needs, monitor the results in real-time and act accordingly. Acting according to what the guests need helps the hotel to create and maintain loyal customers and increase its profitability.

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