The most influential review distributor is Google. In 2018, Google surpassed as the distributor of the most hotel reviews with more than 30 million hotel reviews, a 75% increasement over 2017. For comparison, contributed 28.3 million reviews and TripAdvisor published 11.3 million.

Google reviews play a role in determining your visibility in an online search, map search and improve hotel SEO. A 2018 Local Search Ranking Factors ranked “review signals” as the #3 most important ranking factor for the local pack and finder, and the #7 most important localized organic ranking factor.

Since review signals contribute to your ranking in Google search results, it’s important to prioritise your reputation on Google. Using HotelFeedback the Wi-Fi tool that has the most in-house guest engagement that generates 10 times more reviews by any other means, automatically connected with Google in order hundreds reviews to post in Google real-time, when the guests are still in the hotel.

Improving your hotel reviews on Google can have a significant impact on your revenue. By positively influencing your review signals, you can improve local SEO for hotels you operate. You will get more exposure in organic listings and in the Google map.

Increase your Google reviews by using HotelFeedback. Request a demo and get a 30 days free trial.

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