HotelFeedback generates more reviews than any other means

Our WiFi tool is by far the most efficient and effective method for in-house Feedback & Marketing. Generates more reviews than any other means, with 90% of guests receive the hotels promotional banners in their mobile phones when they connect … Read More

HotelFeedback premium version for funding programs (ESPA)

HotelFeedback provide specific software licenses for hotels that funded via ESPA. More than 50 hotels in Greece submit proposal for the “Strengthening the Establishment and Operation of new Tourism SMEs” and included the HotelFeedback system. For more information please email … Read More

A powerful in-house marketing and feedback tool for hotels

We are gradually developing into a global company with deployments in 10 countries, and partners ranging from small local IT companies through to big brand resellers. Our cloud-based web app uses the hotel’s existing Wi-Fi infrastructure and converts it to … Read More

Take advantage of HotelFeedback GDPR compliance

HotelFeedback (a 100% GDPR compliance solution for subscription of users via Wi-Fi) provides you an email data base that is secure compatible with European email laws. Using our Wi-Fi solution hotel guests must consent to an affirmative action signaling consent to all newsletters … Read More

Our company’s development steadily continues

Working with the leading section of the tourism industry, the hospitality sector that is diversified across brands, categories, and countries, we are facing a continuous growth, since our Company is uniquely positioned in the area of real-time consumer reviews. As … Read More

We updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

We updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to according to European Union’s GDPR policy. Click here to learn more

A Statement on Forthcoming General Data Protection Regulations & Compliance

Overview HF Hotel Feedback Ltd is committed to ensuring the protection of Personal Data, and the rights and freedoms of all Data Subjects, when processing Personal Data on behalf of our Clients, and their end users. This commitment is not … Read More

At HF Hotel Feedback Ltd we ensure you are GDPR compliant and ready for 25th May 2018

GDPR Compliant The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on 25th May 2018.  We all need to be ready. Policy changes have been made to ensure compliance and full protection. One of the key terminologies from GDPR is … Read More

HotelFeedback achievements in hotel’s management

Reviews Achievements within one year 2,542 real-time guests reviews Online Guest Reviews are anymore one of the major hotel managerial tools. The hotel was looking for a way to capture guests opinions and reviews upfront. The real-time reviews that provided … Read More

HotelFeedback Training Workshop in Bali – Indonesia

On December 5th 2017 a training workshop was organised by Mr Yannis Xylas, HotelFeedback Director of International Sales, in H Sovereign Hotel in Bali Indonesia. The workshop focused on new characteristics of HotelFeedback and the way that hoteliers can use … Read More